What we do


what we do

At Cognissima Global Training, we offer an all-encompassing learning experience. We look at the student as a whole person, and the learning of a language as an immersion into a new culture and way of thinking.
We also offer personal development training in areas like critical thinking and mindfulness techniques. As we are very aware of the importance of an holistic approach to learning, that approach is deeply ingrained in our practice as trainers and is incorporated in the methods we use in our courses.


Portuguese Courses

European and Brazilian Portuguese. Portuguese for Spanish Speakers. Groups courses starting on 15th January 2019.
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Our courses of European and Brazilian Portuguese are taught in separate classes, covering all levels from beginner to advanced, and include special fast-track courses for Spanish speakers. Our typical learners are individuals learning Portuguese for personal or professional reasons with links to Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambiquea or other Portuguese speaking countries. These courses are taught under the brand name LinguaDireta® - Portuguese Courses London

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Learning Chinese languages opens up the world’s biggest market and an extraordinary culture. So it has an increasing importance for business or for one's own personal development. We offer a team of highly-qualified chinese linguists and professional teachers for courses of spoken or written Chinese. Our group courses of Mandarin are provided under the brand name Mandarin City®.


European or Latin American Spanish in small group courses aiming at personal or professional objectives.
Special fast-track courses for Portuguese speakers, using special methods and materials.
These courses are provided under the brand name Spanish Iguana®, in our premises in London, and will be launched soon.

Other Language Courses

Our sister company Cognissima Corporate Training provides one to one courses in all the languages that are relevant for today's personal and professional needs. Contact us for more information.

Critical Thinking

How to deal with today's flood of information to make sensible judgements and decisions? Equipping ourselves with vital skills in critical thinking, will enhance every area of life. The Critical Thinking training programme is held by our sister company Cognissima Corporate Training.

Mindfulness for Business

Mindfulness training is the solid basis for stress management, and enhancing strategic and leadership abilities. The Mindfulness for Business programme is held by our sister company Cognissima Corporate Training.